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One day two students of Informatical Engineering, would test the power of Prolog "Theory" . The idea was to make a particulary Theory that could study sbject, body and address in mail box assigning some score . In order to such score the program will be able to recognize spam mail from others. One of the problem to face is don't recognize good mail like spam, for resolve this kind of problem we introduced a smart theory that learns automatically from client mail. In order to complete the work, SpamPIG could also create his theory from online Black List. This project is written in Java Platform indipendent Technology, whe hope that someone would collaborate with us.


SpamPIG: Anti Spam with Prolog Intelligence

This Project born for research target. One of our target was "touch" tuProlog Limit, in fact with this intelligence antispam system we work with tens of Mega Byte prolog theory. As all sould know, Prolog has much goals but if you use it with a very big theory, the computational time of prolog engine is very hight ! In this particular case SpamPIG is very optimized so common user could kill his spam with this. In this version you could controll only a single mail box but in future we would like open this project to unlimited mail box.
What you'll find in this version:

  1. Swing Interface : Friendly Grafic User Interface.
  2. Prolog Engine: Powerful Prolog Engine to calculate spam probability.
  3. Auto Knowledge: Intelligint module that learn on your existing mail.
  4. Upadte Black List: Powerful but very slow tecnicque to create an automatic prolog theory (it takes 5 hours, it translate about 6MB of data)
  5. View Therory: Simple but efficient Theory viewer ( about 20 minutes )
  6. View Mail: Simple but efficient Mail viewer ( very fast :-) )
If you want to contribute please send mail to, thanks.


When you install SpamPIG you'll find, inside the crrect install directory, all the documentation. If you need more about project and Analysis you shold click on "Software info" bottom on the left side of this page.